Welcome to 7Walls Wallpaper Trading LLC

Through Emirati partners, 7Walls Wallpaper Trading LLC is founded to provide a variety of innovative printed wall coverings on a diverse range of which includes wallpapers and canvases. We are specialized in offering personalized concepts to transform surfaces in homes, office, retail space, schools, hospitals, hotels, or at events to add freshness & creativity to the decoration of any indoor space.

7Walls Wallpaper Trading LLC targets citizens and residents in UAE as well as all GCC and MENA countries, we use an e-commerce platform for consumers who wish to decorate their homes especially their walls with beautiful works of original art at affordable prices.

7Walls Wallpaper Trading LLC uses very high based technology in printing as well as PVC free and 100% recyclable wallpaper, delivering a combination of true application versatility, high image quality and high productivity, and a sustainable eco-friendly approach that’s better for our production and the environment.

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